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About Us

Industry Experts

Axon Engineering has over 20 years of combined software and hardware development expertise. Our primary focus is to bring new products and integrations to market that support dealers as well as consumer requests. We have a large breath of software knowledge, including C for embedded hardware platforms, Lua for Control4 and Elan, and C# for Crestron automation platforms. In addition we offer driver creation services for RTI.

Why we are different

Although our primary focus is around hardware and software, we also have a passion for mechanical design. We use various tools to produce 3D models and print various parts for both aesthetic and performance purposes.


Our experience allows us to complete projects in less time than competitors

Deeply Commited

As experts in the industry we are committed to delivering a quality product and experience

Highly Skilled

A wide range of skills means we can adapt to almost any product, API, or request